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postparty offers a diverse collection of fitness videos uniquely tailored to women in all stages of motherhood. learn new ways to juggle fitness with motherhood, share tips, info, and healthy recipes in our online community, or just read up on the latest genius products and services that make everything you do for your family (and we know you do everything!) just that much easier.

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i have found kerri and her workouts to be so fun and motivational, & every class is different, using only our body weight, stretchy bands, and the occasional tree or park bench. i feel stronger, leaner, (almost back to pre-baby weight!), fitter and healthier. the regular healthy eating and drinking challenges are also a boost. not only have i made some great friends, had some great laughs and shared baby tips along the way, but i love that our babies get to share toys, pull each other's hair, and laugh at the mums during class too. her classes are also hard work & it's so worth it. thank you kerri!

-- carley h, perth, australia

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work out in the comfort of your own home, the park, the gym.... wherever and whenever suits you. videos are available for every level and every stage of motherhood from bump, baby, and beyond

Our videos can help you - especially when:
- you need to squeeze in a workout in your living room while baby is napping
- you travel frequently
- you’re back to work and have little time for a workout
- you’re recovering from a caesarean section
- you’re healing diastasis recti (separation of abdominals)
- you want to spend time with your baby while working out
- you’re pregnant and are unsure which exercises are safe during each trimester
you simply want to tone up, slim down, and have enough energy for the physically demanding task of motherhood

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try delicious and unique healthy meals prepared by certified nutrition coach and busy mother of 3. Feel free to add your own favorite recipe to our growing recipe book!

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