6 Weeks to 6 Months Wellness Challenge



Happy belated Halloween!

I’m sure you saw your fair share of witches, goblins, and scary ghosts last week. You want to get really spooked though? That lovely photo above, is my C- Section Shelf. Mine is particularly frightful, as it shows off the physical result of 4 C- Sections in 6 years.

You must know how many deep breaths it took for me to share this with you.  As someone who advocates clean eating and regular exercise, you can imagine why I wanted nothing more than to keep this smooshy little nugget to myself!

However- embracing the “before” photo and taking small steps toward the “after” photo is what our community is all about. If we are going for authenticity, then this is it. In a world of photoshopping, filtering, fake tans and ab envy, I give you truth: lumpy scars, stretch marks and all. I am not experiencing a Kim Kardashian bounce back, and if you are still reading this, then more than likely… neither have you.

This oddly shaped region may be where my 4 sweet angels got their start in life, but I’m not the least bit sentimental about kissing it goodbye. I’m thrilled to celebrate my children’s first smiles and first steps but not about to frame this postnatal abs moment.

Here on Postparty I will be chronicling my successes and setbacks from now until the day my little guy reaches his 6 month birthday. You are welcome to follow my slow but healthy journey from ‘shelf back to self’ and share your own journey too. I would love nothing more than for you all to chime in with your favorite clean recipes, workouts, tips for melting baby weight, photos, posts, and inspiration/ humor in all forms. Whether you’re still in the Baby Blur or your “baby” is 6 years old does not really make much difference. We are here to get healthy and fit together.

If you’d like to get in on the action or just witness my little adventure, then drop me an email or PM, or head over to http://postparty.net/members/kerri/. I promise to make it worth your while by sharing my daily wins and setbacks, easy recipes and food diary, as well as quick workouts with/without the baby.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support with the recent arrival of little Declan. It has not always been an easy journey, but thanks for bearing with me. This amazing community of women is what keeps me going. I look forward to learning about, and being inspired by your journey here on Postparty too.

Love you all-