About postparty

when you announce to the world that you are expecting a baby, you are endlessly congratulated. it is a universally happy occasion. you can almost see past the never-ending nausea and exhaustion because you are able to visualize that light at the end of the tunnel: your little sidekick with the perfect mini wardrobe, soft chubby cheeks, first words, gummy smiles, unconditional love.

fast forward 9 months and baby has arrived. let’s play word association for a moment. what comes to mind when you hear the word postpartum? if you answered “depression”, then you are in the 90th percentile of people who equate the weeks and months following delivery as, well… rather depressing.

we mothers endure the overwhelmingly physical task of creating, carrying, delivering, nurturing, and raising a baby. why should we, in addition, set ourselves up for a postpartum period filled with self-doubt, lack of enthusiasm, and anxiety? whether or not we’re aware of it, could we be consistently sending ourselves the dreaded subconscious message: we’re meant to feel depressed after giving birth?

let’s stop assuming the worst and start expecting the best possible scenario. it can’t hurt to try! this is where postparty comes in. we mothers have to be there for each other. we deserve the right to enjoy motherhood. coming together to sweat, relieve stress, and share wisdom is a natural, healthy, and enjoyable way to choose celebration over depression. those of us who are silently suffering from postpartum depression can rest easy knowing that both exercise and connecting with other women are two clinically proven ways to reduce the symptoms of ppd, a perfectly valid medical condition.

at postparty you will connect with women from all over the world, in all stages of motherhood. you may now feel empowered to work out no matter what your circumstance, ability level, access to sitters, crèche, or fitness equipment. you have the opportunity to experiment with new recipes and clean eating practices to nourish you and your healthy, growing children. you will share our excitement of discovering genius new methods and products that are designed to make your life as a mother more manageable and enjoyable. you may even find yourself helping others along the way.

what are you waiting for? let’s party!

Kerri Holland

kerri with her children

my name is kerri. i am just like you. i have stretch marks. i am preparing for my 4th c-section in under 7 years. at the moment i am 7 months pregnant, potty training a 2 year old. teaching my 4 year old to dress himself. trying not to be jealous of my 6 year old’s thriving social life. my laundry room is a total disaster. i rarely shower before noon.  the trash goes out more than i do!

at the end of the day, i wouldn’t trade the diapers and meltdowns for all the uninterrupted sleep in the world. i treat working out as much of a daily non negotiable as brushing my teeth. i wholeheartedly believe it is the key to my sanity. i hope to help others in my position.

i am an ace certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach from boston, ma. having recently spent 4 years in London, UK as a Buggy Bootcamp franchise owner and instructor, i’ve worked with hundreds of pre and postnatal women from all over the world. i enjoy helping women like me reach their goals and feel more comfortable in the skin they’re in. i don’t believe in logging long hours in the gym when little ones need our love and attention. i don’t believe in replacing play dates and music class with long and intense training or starving yourself to look like a post-baby celeb. at the same time, i encounter countless women who feel unnecessary guilt about allowing themselves the luxury of a short daily workout, which would provide endless benefits for themselves and their children.

i believe that mothers everywhere should exercise their right to exercise. whether it’s during naptime, on their work lunch break, with a group in the park, while traveling, or while keeping their kids happy and occupied. you may be 9 months pregnant, recovering from a c-section, healing diastasis recti or experiencing back pain. you may have 50 pounds to lose or you may simply want to tone up and work out to gain more of the energy and strength that motherhood demands. you may be totally overwhelmed, and feel as though what i’m saying is pretty much impossible. it will require more than a little creativity and willpower. that’s where postparty comes in.

my mission is to empower women to make time to do something positive for themselves on a daily basis, even when it seems impossible to do so. adopting a safe, thoughtful exercise regimen with room for flexibility, smart eating habits, and bonding with likeminded women, who share our struggles and our joys, is the first step.

what are we waiting for? let’s party!

buggy bootcamp workout in hyde park, london
post-workout at buggy bootcamp, london