Pricing FAQ

how does my free 15 day trial work?
your 15 day free trial begins once your credit card details have been submitted. for the next 15 days you will have full range of the site and all workouts at no cost. you have the option to cancel anytime during those 15 days. once your trial is over, regular billing will take effect.
can i change plans at any time?
you can change plans from monthly to annual at any time, and the change will take effect during the next monthly billing cycle. changing from an annual plan to a monthly plan will take effect once your yearly subscription has expired.
what are my payment options?
in order to sign up, you will pay by credit card. all major credit cards are accepted.
how do i cancel my subscription?
You may cancel any time by clicking on "My Account" and then choosing "cancel." This will automatically cancel any future payments. Once you cancel your subscription, your membership will still allow you to have access to the postparty community and articles, and you may reactivate your account at any time.

General FAQ

what will i need before getting started?
postparty is designed for mothers with access to little to no equipment. it is recommended that you purchase a simple resistance band and yoga mat. one particular "naptime" workout requires a coffee table and 2 paper towels. other workouts incorporate the weight of your baby or the resistance of a park bench or your own body weight. a handful of workouts are set in a gym atmosphere where common pieces of equipment are used.
i am looking to lose a lot of weight. what advice do you have for someone like me?
there is no magic bullet to weight loss. forget diet pills or fad diets. extreme exercise regimes will set most mothers or mothers-to-be up for failure. my simple advice is to commit yourself to constant self improvement by changing your habits gradually.
  • start out by focusing on consistent exercise, 40 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week.
  • practice the life-changing art of positive visualisation (closing your eyes and imagining the best  version of yourself a few minutes every day).
  • find visual reminders for your phone, your bedroom, your fridge, or other "trigger" locations that help put you in the right mindset.
  • avoid any and all "low fat", "low carb", or "diet" products in favour of wholesome, nutrient-dense, natural foods.
  • aim to drink 2-3 litres of water every day, more if you're breastfeeding, to flush out toxins, increase energy, and manage your hunger levels.
  • make sure you're getting the proper amount of sleep. this is crucial to balance hormones which may cause you to store excess body fat.
  • surround yourself with positive, energetic people who want the best for you. practice daily self love by carving out time for yourself. take warm baths.
  • create lasting healthy habits by keeping a food journal.
  • find any and all ways to get your body moving and to walk more. learn what proper portions look like.
  • allow your body to feel moderate hunger (but never thirst) 2-3 times per day.
  • share your goals with the important people in your life.
  • allow for the occasional treat.
and once you reach your goals, make sure to celebrate!
i'm pregnant. shouldn't i be taking it easy?
why should i work out if i'm just going to get bigger? there are countless reasons for a pregnant women to engage in safe exercise throughout her pregnancy. here are just a few reasons the medical community now embraces and promotes safe exercise for prenatal women:
  1. engaging in regular prenatal exercise may help to manage common aches and pains of pregnancy
  2. prenatal exercise may help to reduce the length of time in the delivery room
  3. women who exercise during pregnancy may recover more quickly than women who do not
  4. exercise during pregnancy may lessen the risk of gestational diabetes, and other conditions associated with pregnancy
  5. women who exercise are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression than those who do not.
  6. the list goes on and on!
i am 5 weeks postpartum. can i begin working out?
the workouts featured in postparty are designed for women who have gotten their doctor's 6-8 week clearance for exercise. your doctor or ob-gyn will guide you through safe, light exercises and stretches you can perform during this time, prior to your checkup. your body has been stretched and weakened by pregnancy, labour, and delivery. allowing your body the appropriate amount of time to rest and heal, particularly following a caesarean section or complicated pregnancy/delivery, is crucial for a healthy recovery. postparty workouts are designed with safety in mind for the pre and postnatal mother, by a trained and ace fitness certified instructor. if you have any concerns about exercising while pregnant or following birth, please consult your doctor before beginning this program.