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    Hi all! My friend Elena has asked me to share this info with you all. As you may know, Elena represents Juice Plus, a supplement that is completely derived from fruits and vegetables. My kids take their Juice Plus dummies each morning and have not missed a single day of school this year. If you are interested in improving the health of your child, I can’t recommend her insights enough. They are hosting free webinars and in person talks in London. I have listened in on these webinars and they’re brilliant. Her message below:

    When asked if their children are healthy, most parents will reply, “Oh yes”. However, they are using Paracetamol for Winter colds, antibiotics for ear infections/coughs, Summer hay fever tablets, steroid cream for skin rashes etc. How healthy is that really? In these talks, we will discuss:

    – Why we are seeing a huge increase in chronic health conditions in the Western world over the past 15 years
    – Our 2nd brain and it’s direct link to health, wellbeing, mood and behaviour
    – Step-by-step tips to improve the health of your children’s guts and get it back into balance

    JOIN US:

    1. By webinar at 8pm On Monday 18th April
    (register below)
    2. In person at 11am on Tuesday 19th April in Earls Court
    3. In person at 11 am on Tuesday 26th April in Fulham

    Spaces at in person events are limited so please RSVP:


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