• Kerri posted an update 12 months ago

    I am elated to be working out again! It feels great to finally be looking more and more like my old self. Yesterday I went out for an interval run/jog, where I accelerated and really pushed myself for 3 minutes, then jogged slowly for 2. I hung in there for 30 minutes before heading home. Today, I squeezed in a Barre-lates workout which I will be feeling tomorrow! Had to modify the planks, pushups, and Pilates 100’s which are not so great for ab separation. I replaced them with heel slides and taps which will help diminish the “pooch” appearance over the next few weeks.

    Super exciting announcement: my sister Maura just had a baby boy: Jack Brady Huling! Maura, if you’re reading this- love you to pieces and can’t wait to hold my new little nephew. xoxo

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