• oristory posted an update in the group Clean Plate Club 2 years, 9 months ago

    just got my VIP pass 😉 ready for the challenge ladies!!!! bring it on! we’ll let our natural sweetness come through this V day!!!

    • welcome Oriana! The fun begins Monday! I am preparing some delish recipes for you to tame the sweet tooth… cinnamon chia pudding, almond butter ice cream, and coconut flour mug cake to name a few : )

      • oh man!!! I have all these ingredients… can’t wait for the GO time!!!

        counting down the minutes!!

        • check your inbox! I just made the cinnamon chia pudding, so satisfying. my kids will be loving the almond butter ice cream tonight. xxx

          • got it all! very EXCITING! it’s good that I can use the new “staples” in my kitchen!!! Will be having the girls over on Wednesday and can’t wait to chat about the challenge!!!

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